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Our contribution to Cherryade's 'Have a Cherry Christmas' compilation from 2005.
"Container Drivers and 'In the Bleak Mid Afternoon' meanwhile is initially a dark slab of guitars and pianos before breaking out into a Belle and Sebastian style strum with sleigh bell backing its one of the best things here, wistful, and melodic. It is kind of an anti-Christmas song ('Christmas is coming / It's that time of year / The Children are happy now Christmas is here / TV full of adverts / About gimmicky toys / But the shops are too crowded and there's nothing to buy.')"

Bill Cummings for God in in the TV fanzine.
"Container Drivers' In The Bleak Mid Afternoon strike[s] a poignant note; those with a grudge against Christmas, enjoy."

John Donnelly for CD Times.
"The highlight of the record, however, must be 'In The Bleak Mid Afternoon' by Container Drivers. Starting with a piano base, upon which other sounds are built, this beautiful yet sorrowful piece gives way to a driving acoustic guitar and heartbreaking vocals."

Conor Duffy for Angry Left Wing Mofo fanzine.
Demo review from Manchester's High Voltage fanzine, November 2004.
Few demo CDs ever ignite High Voltage's imagination, this, a 4 track CD from The Container Drivers is one of the most bizarre and brilliant we've ever heard.

The Container Drivers claim to have released a track on a German tribute album to legendary Mancunians The Fall. As a result, the band toured Europe over the summer months to promote the release, and received radio 1 airplay courteous of John Peel. Such is the band's affliction for The Fall, that they take their name from one of the groups most paranoid and torturous singles.

The Container Drivers clearly have their ear pinned to Manchester's alt.punk scene, with elements of Magazine and The Buzzcocks evident 'Searching For The Skylon'. Though, ultimately, it is the influence of Mark E.Smith's seminal group which comes to the fore. The band's quirky lyrics and jangly guitar parts make for an intriguing listen, and, The Container Drivers do manage to implant some of their own ideas, thanks mainly to some Thurston Moore styled vocals.

This 4 track is quite amazing. Right to the last song, 'The Ex-members of The Fall Club' which chops and changes in various guises, but dedicates itself to the memory of, well, ex-members of The Fall, the names of 34 of which are listed in a small piece of paper that accompanies the CD.

Rating: 4 / 5

Written By Richard Cheetham, 27/11/2004

Full review can be seen here.
The Ex-Members of The Fall Club
"This is very good..."

John Peel, introducing the track on air, 6 May 2004.
"The Container Drivers track was worth the price of the cd [Perverted by Mark E] on it's own."

Comment on the official Fall message board, 12 May 2004.
Live Reviews
From Leeds Music Scene website, January 2005.
Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, 21 January 2005
"Confidence and ability shine through"
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A review by a member of the Swiss group Green River.
Helsinki Club, Zurich, 11 September 2004
"He can do the Mark E. Smith accent, but he was just too nice, the Fall vitriol was missing."
The reviewer seemed to think the Container Drivers were a Fall covers band. The assumption is understandable, as we did several one-off Fall covers that night ('Container Drivers', 'Victoria' and 'Cruiser's Creek') to celebrate the 'Perverted by Mark E' theme.

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