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Sounds Like The Wedding Present Radiokeg - No (Wedding Present cover)
In summer 2010 Container Keg collaborated with our friends from Germany, the Woog Riots, on an electro pop cover of the Wedding Present track 'No'. This was for a tribute project to TWP's 1989 LP 'Bizarro'.

Radiokeg - 'No'.
Download the mp3 [320 kbps]:
I saw the plans Sunset Yellow
Download a product of our May 2005 demo recording session. This is the full track.

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sunset_yellow.mp3 2:08 mins [File size: 1.96 Mb]
Motion is the answer Run
Download the full track from our August 2004 demo session, as heard on the John Peel show in September 2004.
Features: Keg (bass, vocals), Glyn (guitar, backing vocals).

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run.mp3 1:07 mins [File size: 1.02 Mb]
Through sleeping streets they creep. The Ex-Members of The Fall Club
Download our tribute to MES!

Recorded from Thursday 19th to Tuesday 24th June 2003 at Sawmills Studios, Lancashire and Glyn's home studio.
Features: Keg (bass, vocals), Glyn (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Victoria Hesketh (backing vocals) and Bryn Hans (drums).

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emotfc.mp3 2:29 mins [File size: 2.28 Mb]
Skylon 1951 Searching For The Skylon
The Skylon was a futuristic, cigar-shaped structure built on London's South Bank as part of the Festival of Britain in 1951. The Festival was the idea of the post-war Labour Government. The General Election of 1951 returned the Conservatives to power, who rather spitefully demolished almost all of the Festival's buildings, including the Skylon. A TV documentary about this lost wonder inspired the song.

Recorded on Saturday 18th January 1997 at Smallwood Studios, Lancashire.
Features: Keg (vocals, bass) and Rik (guitars).

Download the full track:
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skylon.mp3 4:00 mins [File size: 3.67 Mb]
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